30+Basic construction tools and their Uses

Sometimes we know the tool but don’t know the name of them in English. some Building Construction tools list with their names, pictures and uses.

1. HOE:-  A Hoe is a tool used   to digging soil and place cement mortar in head pan.

  1. PICK AXE:-It is a hand tool with head and wooden handle. This  is used to excavation the soil.It is more suitable for hard soil which is quite difficult to dig with spade.
  2. SPADE:-A spade is tool contains plate a the end of long wooden handle.it is used to dig the soil for foundation trenches. 
  3. DIGGING BAR:-A Digging bar is a long straight solid metal rod with pin shape at the bottom used to dig the hard surfaces of ground.
  4. MEASURING BOX:-Measuring box is used to measure the quantity of sand  , cement, andaggregates used for making the concrete mix.the volume of measuring box is generally 1 cum feet which is easy t measure concrete ratio. the general dimension of measuring box are 300x300x400.
  5. HEAD PAN:-Head pan is commonly used in construction sites made of iron or plastic. it is used to lift excavated  soil or cement or concrete to the working site.
  6. MASONRY TROWEL:- The masonry trowel is used in brick work or stone work spreading, leveling and shaping mortar or concrete. it is made up of steel and wooden handle is provided. the ends of trowel may be pointed or bull nosed.
  7. FLOAT:- It is made up of   wood contains handle on its top and smooth surface on its bottom. Float is used to give a smooth finish to the plastered area.
  8. WHEEL BARROW:- A wheel barrow is a small hand propelled vehicle with one wheel designed t be pushed by a single person using two handle at the rear. its is used to transport bulk weight of materials like cement, sand, mortar, concrete.
  9. PLUM BOB:-a plum bob is a weight with the bottom suspended from a string and used as a civil vertical reference line or plum line, it is used to check the verticality   of surface . its is also used in surveying to level he instrument position.

    The plumb bob isolation on a white background

11.CONCRETE MIXER:- A    Concrete mixer is a device that homogeneously mixes cement, aggregates, and          sand with water to form concrete. a typical concrete mixer uses a revolving drum to mix the components.

  1. CROWBAR:-Crow bars are commonly used to open nailed wooden crates, remove nails, or pry apart board.
  2. BRICK HAMMER:-Brick hammer has one flat traditional face and a short or long chisel shaped blade. it is used to cut the bricks and also used to push the bricks if they come out from the  course line.
  3. CHISEL:-A chisel is a tool that has a long metal blade with a sharp edge at the end and a handle which is struck with a hammer or mallet. it is generally used in wood work and must be useful to remove the concrete bumps or excess concrete in harden surface.
  4. LINE AND PINS:-A line pin is a metal rod usually with a pointed leaf shaped blade and a flat button head.Lines are typically found in pairs as they are commonly used as anchor points for a brick line. it is used to level the alignment of bricks course while brick laying.
  5. MEASURING TAPE:-It is a common measuring tool consist of a ribbon of clothe , plastic, fiber, glass, or metal strip with linear measurement marking. it is used to check he thickness, length , widths, of masonry walls, foundation bed, excavated trenches.
  6. RUBBER BOOTS:- Safety rubber boots are required to protect legs may damaged due to contact with chemical materials like cement, or physical accident during construction work.
  7. GLOVES:-Gloves are required to prevent the hands from direct contact with cement, paints,. and to avoid injury while using machines, tools. gloves made from lather, cotton, synthetic nitrile, latex , pvc or combination of these.
  8. HAND SAW:-Hand saw is used to cut wood materials like door, windows etc.
  9. LADDER:- A ladder is avertical or inclined set of rugs or steps.it is also required in construction works t check the slab work to transport material to the higher  floor, to paint the walls.
  10. TILE CUTTER:- Tile cutters are used to cut the tiles to a required shape and size, sometimes normal size of tiles is larger than the size required at the corners where the floor meets the wall in that case tile cutters is useful.
  11. PUTTY KNIFE:-Putty knife is used to level the putty finishing and also used to reduce the thickness of finish when it is more thick.
  12. DRILL MACHINE:-Drill machine is used to make holes in walls , slabs , doors, windows frames.
  13. MASON SQUARE:- Mason square is used to achieve perfect right angle at the corner of masonry wall. it is L shaped. first course is laid properly using mason square then based on first , remaining layers of bricks are set out.
  14. EARTH RAMMER:-An Earth rammer is a hand tool consist of big square shaped block with handle, sometimes it is also called tamper.it used in construction industries to compress or compact earth or soil.
  15. SAFETY GLASS:-Safety glasses should be used to protect eye from dust, chemical action of materials.
  16. SAFETY HELMET:- The safety helmet is regarded on of the  basic safety device required for workers in several industries and construction related sectors in addition to industries like mining’s , petroleum, refineries, and so on. if any material for structure fall from height during construction it protect the head from injury or any kind of fatal accident .
  17. SPIRIT LEVEL:-A Spirit level is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. it is made up of wood or hard plastic with bubble tube in the middle which is partially filled with alcohol so the air bubble is formed in it. it is used on brick masonry , plastering , flooring , and tile work to check the horizontal level of surface. the surface is leveled if the air bulled settles at the middle of the tube.
  18. BUMP CUTTER:-A bump cutter is a tool used to level the fresh concrete surface like concrete floors, foundation, pavements . this also called screed.
  19. CIRCULAR SAW:- Circular saw is used to ct wood boards , frames etc. it is used when accurate cutting is required in less time. it is safer then hand saw.
  20. FRAMING HAMMER:-Framing hammer is used to drive and remove nails.
  21. VIBRATORS:-A concrete vibrator is a construction tooltypically used on construction site to pour the concrete. the vibrators are used to ensure that the pour is free of air bubbles and are even. this is so that the concrete remains strong and has a smooth finish even after removal of the work.

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