How to calculate stirrups cutting length?

As we know “BBS” is the word plays a significant role in any construction of high-rise building. For any RCC structures BBS is important and it should be prepared in proper manners for different structure of building like COLUMN, BEAM, SLAB, FOOTING and others.

In this article we will study the different formulae for cutting length of stirrups for Column and Beams. Like Rectangular stirrups, square stirrups, Circular stirrups, Helical stirrups, Triangle stirrups, Diamond stirrups

Earlier we also know Hook length = 9d or 10d.

also, we Bend deduction for Different angles:

  1. For 45 Degree Bend = 1D
  2. For 90 Degree Bend = 2D
  3. For 135 Degree Bed = 3D
  4. For 180 Degree Bend = 4D

Cutting length of Rectangular Stirrups  

2 x (A+B) + 2 Nos of Hook length – 3 x 2D – 2 x 3D

Where, A= length of Rectangular Stirrups

B= Width of Rectangular Stirrups

2D= Bend Deduction for 90 Degree

3D= Bend Deduction For 135 Degree

rectangular stirrups
rectangular stirrups

* Cutting length of square stirrups 

4 x A + 2 Nos Hook length – 3 x 2D – 2 x 3D

Where, A= length of Square Stirrups

2D= Bend Deduction for 90 Degree

3D= Bend Deduction For 135 Degree

square stirrups
square stirrups

* Cutting length of Circular stirrups

2 x Circumference of ring + 2 Nos of Hook – 2 x 3D

Where,  3D= Bend Deduction For 135 Degree

* Cutting Length of Helical stirrups

To find the helical outer ring we have to find the circumference of the inner ring.

* Length of inner space ring = circumference of inner ring , we know the Diameter of the pile so it’s easy to find the diameter of inner ring and radius.

* Diameter of outer spiral ring = Diameter of pile – Clear cover

* Length of one spiral ring = circumference of inner ring.

Circular ad Helical are almost same except the hook provided for the number of rings. in Helical we have to calculate the required length of stirrups for entire length of column. Please  read the BBS for pile post for details.

circular stirrups
circular stirrups

* Cutting length of Triangle stirrups

 ( 2 X H ) + A + ( 2 x 10D ) – ( 4 x 3D )

Where, A= length of   Stirrups

3D= Bend Deduction For 135 Degree

H = square root of ( b2 ) + ( a/2 )2 same it is a rectangular column we are taking.

triangle stirrups
triangle stirrups

* Cutting length of Diamond stirrups

(4 x H) + (2 x Nos of Hook) – (3 x 2D ) – ( 2 x 3D)

Where, H = square root of (b/2 )2 + (a/2 )2

Diamond stirrups
Diamond stirrups

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