How to find the specific gravity of cement || Le Chaterliers flask Test

Theory: Specific gravity is defined as the ratio between weight of a given volume of  material and weight of an equal volume of water. In case of cement, specific gravity is determined by use of a Le Chatelier’s flask (Figure Below). Sometimes, a specific gravity bottle may be employed to a standard Le Chatelier’s flask. To determine the specific gravity of cement, kerosene is used which does not react with cement. The specific gravity of OPC is generally around 3.15.

Objective: Determination of specific gravity of cement using Le-Chatelier flash.

Reference: IS 4031 (Part-11):1988.

Apparatus: Le Chaterliers flask, weighing balance, kerosene (free from water).

Material: Ordinary Portland cement; Water; Grease


  1. Dry the flask carefully and fill with kerosene or naphtha to a point on the stem between zero and 1 ml.
  2. Record the level of the liquid in the flask as initial reading.
  3. Put a weighted quantity of cement (about 60 g) into the flask so that level of kerosene rise to about 22 ml mark, care being taken to avoid splashing and to see that cement does not adhere to the sides of the above the liquid.
  4. After putting all the cement to the flask, roll the flask gently in an inclined position to expel air until no further air bubble rise 3s to the surface of the liquid.
  5. Note down the new liquid level as final reading.


  • Weight of cement used in g. (W1) : _______
  • Initial reading of flask in ml (V1) : _______
  • Final reading of flask in ml (V2) : _______
  • Volume of cement particle (V2 – V1) : _______
  • Weight of equal volume of water in g. (W2) : _______
  • Specific gravity of cement (W1/ W2) : _______

Result and conclusion: Specific gravity of the given cement obtained as ___________.

Precautions: (Discuss about the precautions to be taken while conducting this experiment)

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