Basic formula for structural analysis

Looking at your requirement, we are sharing with you some of Important Civil EngineeringΒ Formulas & Shortcuts for Competitive Exam as well as Engineering exam.

Strength of material

  1. πœ‡Β =Β πΏπ‘Žπ‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘™Β π‘ π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘–π‘›πΏπ‘œπ‘›π‘”π‘–π‘‘π‘’π‘‘π‘–π‘›π‘Žπ‘™Β π‘ π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘–π‘›
  2. 𝑒π‘₯Β =𝑓π‘₯πΈΒ βˆ’πœ‡π‘“π‘¦πΈΒ βˆ’Β πœ‡π‘“π‘§πΈ
  3. 𝑒𝑦=Β π‘“π‘¦πΈΒ βˆ’Β πœ‡π‘“π‘₯πΈΒ βˆ’Β πœ‡π‘“π‘§πΈ
  4. 𝑒𝑧=Β π‘“π‘§πΈΒ βˆ’Β πœ‡π‘“π‘₯πΈΒ βˆ’Β πœ‡π‘“π‘¦πΈ
  5. 𝐺= 𝐸2(1+πœ‡)
  6. 𝐾=𝐸 3(1βˆ’2πœ‡)
  7. 𝑀𝐼=𝑓𝑦=𝐸𝑅
  8. 𝜏 =VQIb
  9. 𝑇𝐽 =Β πœπ‘ŸΒ =Β πΊπœƒπΏ
  10. 𝑀𝑒 = 12[𝑀+βˆšπ‘€2+𝑇2]
  11. 𝑇𝑒= βˆšπ‘€2+𝑇2
  12. 𝜎= 3𝑀𝑙2𝑛𝑏𝑑2 and 𝛿 =Β πœŽπ‘™24𝐸𝑑 (Leaf spring)
  13. 𝛿 = 64π‘Šπ‘…3𝑛𝐺𝑑4 (Helical spring)
  14. πœŽπ‘›=𝜎π‘₯+πœŽπ‘¦2+𝜎π‘₯βˆ’πœŽπ‘¦2cos2πœƒ+𝜏sin2πœƒ
  15. πœπ‘‘=βˆ’(𝜎π‘₯βˆ’πœŽπ‘¦2)sin2πœƒ+𝜏cos2πœƒ
  16. 𝜎1=𝜎π‘₯+πœŽπ‘¦2+√(𝜎π‘₯βˆ’πœŽπ‘¦2)2+𝜏2
  17. 𝜎3=𝜎π‘₯+πœŽπ‘¦2βˆ’βˆš(𝜎π‘₯βˆ’πœŽπ‘¦2)2+𝜏2
  18. 𝑃=Β πœ‹2𝐸𝐼𝑙2 (hinged and hinged)) ,𝑃 =Β πœ‹2𝐸𝐼4𝑙2 (fixed and free)
  19. 𝑃 = 4πœ‹2𝐸𝐼𝑙2 (Fixed and fixed) ,𝑃 = 2πœ‹2𝐸𝐼𝑙2
  20. 𝑃=Β πœŽπ‘.𝐴1+𝛼(𝑙𝑒𝐾)2 where 𝛼=πœŽπ‘πœ‹2𝐸 is Rankine’s constant

Structural analysisΒ 

  1. 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=βˆ’π‘ƒπ‘Žπ‘2𝑙2 and 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=π‘ƒπ‘Ž2𝑏𝑙2 (Point load)
  2. 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=βˆ’π‘€π‘™212 and 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=𝑀𝑙212 (udl)
  3. 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=βˆ’π‘€π‘™230 and 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=𝑀𝑙220 (uvl from left to right increase)
  4. 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=𝑀𝑏𝑙2(3π‘Žβˆ’π‘™) and 𝑀̅𝐴𝐡=π‘€π‘Žπ‘™2(3π‘βˆ’π‘™) (clockwise moment)
  5. π‘ˆ=𝑃2𝐿2𝐴𝐸 ,Β π‘ˆ=βˆ«π‘€22𝐸𝐼𝐿0 𝑑π‘₯Β andΒ π‘ˆ=𝑇2𝐿2𝐺𝐽
  6. π‘ˆ=1.2βˆ«π‘‰22𝐺𝐴𝐿0𝑑π‘₯Β (rectangular beam)
  7. 𝐻= βˆ«π‘€π‘ π‘¦πΈπΌΒ π‘‘π‘₯+βˆπ‘‘π‘™βˆ’π›Ώπ‘™0βˆ«π‘¦2𝑑π‘₯𝐸𝐼𝑙0 (two hinged arch)
  8. H=𝑀𝑙28𝑑 (cable with udl) and Length of cable 𝐿= 𝑙+83𝑑2𝑙
  9. 𝑀𝐴𝐡=𝑀̅𝐴𝐡+2𝐸𝐼𝐿(2πœƒπ΄+πœƒπ΅βˆ’3Δ𝐿) , right support sinks by Ξ”
  10. 𝑀𝐡𝐴=𝑀̅𝐡𝐴+2𝐸𝐼𝐿(2πœƒπ΅+πœƒπ΄βˆ’3Δ𝐿), right support sinks by Ξ”
  11. 𝑀𝐴 𝑙1+2𝑀𝐡(𝑙1+𝑙2)+𝑀𝐢𝑙2=βˆ’6π‘Ž1π‘₯1𝑙1βˆ’6π‘Ž2π‘₯2𝑙2
  12. 𝛿=Ξ£π‘ƒπ‘˜πΏπ΄πΈ
  13. 𝑄=βˆ’Ξ£π‘ƒπ‘˜πΏπ΄πΈΞ£π‘˜2𝐿𝐴𝐸+𝐿0𝐴0𝐸0 and 𝑄=βˆ’Ξ£(𝑃𝐿𝐴𝐸+𝐿𝛼𝑑)π‘˜Ξ£π‘˜2𝐿𝐴𝐸+𝐿0𝐴0𝐸0
  14. π‘˜π‘–π‘—Β =π‘“π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘π‘’Β π‘Žπ‘‘Β π‘–Β π‘‘π‘’π‘’Β π‘‘π‘œΒ π‘‘π‘–π‘ π‘π‘™π‘Žπ‘π‘’π‘šπ‘’π‘›π‘‘Β π‘Žπ‘‘Β π‘—, 𝛿𝑖𝑗=π‘‘π‘–π‘ π‘π‘™π‘Žπ‘π‘’π‘šπ‘’π‘›π‘‘Β π‘Žπ‘‘Β π‘–Β π‘‘π‘’π‘’Β π‘‘π‘œΒ π‘“π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘π‘’Β π‘Žπ‘‘Β π‘—
  15. Far end fixed, Transverse displacement, 𝛿=𝐿312𝐸𝐼 andΒ π‘˜=12𝐸𝐼𝐿3
  16. Far end hinged, Transverse displacement, 𝛿=𝐿33𝐸𝐼 andΒ π‘˜=3𝐸𝐼𝐿3


  1. π‘“π‘š=π‘“π‘π‘˜+1.65 𝜎
  2. 𝐸𝑐=5000 βˆšπ‘“π‘π‘˜Β andΒ π‘“π‘π‘Ÿ=0.7 βˆšπ‘“π‘π‘˜
  3. πœ€π‘ π‘‘=0.002+0.87 𝑓𝑦𝐸𝑠
  4. 𝐸𝑠=2Γ— 105Β π‘€π‘ƒπ‘ŽΒ ,Β π‘š=2803πœŽπ‘π‘π‘
  5. 𝑏𝑓=𝑙06+𝑏𝑀+6𝐷𝑓 for T-beams.
  6. 𝑏𝑓=𝑙012+𝑏𝑀+3𝐷𝑓 for L-beams.
  7. 𝑙0𝑙0𝑏+4+𝑏𝑀 ≀𝑏 for isolated T-beams.
  8. 0.5𝑙0𝑙0𝑏+4 +𝑏𝑀 ≀𝑏 for isolated L-beams.
  9. π‘₯𝑒𝑑=0.87 𝑓𝑦. 𝐴𝑠𝑑0.36Β π‘“π‘π‘˜Β π‘π‘‘Β andΒ π‘₯𝑒,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯𝑑= 0.00350.0055+0.87 𝑓𝑦𝐸𝑠
  10. 𝑀𝑒=0.87 𝑓𝑦.𝐴𝑠𝑑 (π‘‘βˆ’0.42Β π‘₯𝑒) forΒ π‘₯𝑒 ≀π‘₯𝑒,max
  11. 𝑀𝑒=0.36Β π‘“π‘π‘˜.𝑏.π‘₯𝑒,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯(π‘‘βˆ’0.42Β π‘₯𝑒,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯)
  12. π‘₯𝑒,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯𝑑= 0.87 𝑓𝑦0.36Β π‘“π‘π‘˜Β (𝑃𝑑,π‘™π‘–π‘šΒ 100)
  13. 𝑀𝑒=0.87 𝑓𝑦 𝐴𝑠𝑑 (π‘‘βˆ’π‘“π‘¦Β π΄π‘ π‘‘π‘“π‘π‘˜Β π‘)
  14. 𝑦𝑓=0.15Β π‘₯𝑒+0.65 𝐷𝑓 when 𝐷𝑓𝑑>0.2
  15. 0.87 𝑓𝑦 (π΄π‘ π‘‘βˆ’π΄π‘ π‘‘,𝑙)=(π‘“π‘ π‘βˆ’0.447Β π‘“π‘π‘˜).𝐴𝑠𝑐
  16. 𝑀𝑒=𝑀𝑒,𝑙 + 0.87 𝑓𝑦.(π΄π‘ π‘‘βˆ’π΄π‘ π‘‘,𝑙) (π‘‘βˆ’π‘‘β€²)
  17. 𝐴𝑠𝑑 𝑏𝑑= 0.85𝑓𝑦 (minimum tension reinforcement)
  18. 𝐴𝑠𝑑,π‘šπ‘–π‘›=0.12 % of 𝐴𝑔 for 𝐹𝑒-415 and 0.15 % of 𝐴𝑔 for 𝐹𝑒-250. (slabs)
  19. 𝐴𝑠𝑑,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯=4%Β π‘œπ‘“Β π΄π‘”Β (Beams) ,𝐴𝑠𝑐,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯=4%Β π‘œπ‘“Β π΄π‘”Β (Beams)
  20. (𝑙𝑑)π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯=(𝑙𝑑)π‘π‘Žπ‘ π‘–π‘π‘˜π‘‘Β π‘˜π‘
  21. (𝑙𝑑)π‘π‘Žπ‘ π‘–π‘=7 for cantilever, 20 for SS and 26 for continuous beams. If span is more than 10 m, multiply above values with 10/span for SS and continuous beams.
  22. 𝐿𝑑=π‘“π‘ βˆ…4πœπ‘π‘‘Β , multiplyΒ πœπ‘π‘‘Β value with 1.6 for deformed bars and 1.25 for bars in compression.
  23. 𝑀𝑒𝑉𝑒+𝐿0β‰₯𝐿𝑑 and 1.3𝑀𝑒𝑉𝑒+𝐿0β‰₯𝐿𝑑 (If confinement exists)
  24. πœπ‘£=𝑉𝑒𝑏𝑑 , 𝑉𝑒,𝑛𝑒𝑑=𝑉𝑒+𝑀𝑑tan𝛽
  25. 𝑉𝑒𝑠=0.87 𝑓𝑦 𝐴𝑠𝑣 𝑑𝑠𝑣
  26. 𝐴𝑠𝑣𝑏 𝑠𝑣β‰₯0.40.87 𝑓𝑦 (minimum shear reinforcement)
  27. 𝑠𝑣≀0.75Β π‘‘Β π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘Β 300Β π‘šπ‘šΒ for vertical stirrups.
  28. 𝑉𝑒=𝑉𝑒+1.6𝑇𝑒𝑏 and 𝑀𝑒=𝑀𝑒+𝑇𝑒1.7(1+𝐷𝑏)
  29. 𝑙𝑑≀35 for ss and 40 for continuous slabs for Fe-250. For Fe-415 multiply above values with 0.8
  30. πœπ‘2=π‘˜π‘ Β 0.25βˆšπ‘“π‘π‘˜Β ,Β π‘˜π‘ =0.5+𝛽𝑐≀1.0 and 𝛽𝑐=𝑏𝐷
  31. 𝑒π‘₯,π‘šπ‘–π‘›=𝑙500+𝑑30 ,20Β π‘šπ‘šΒ whichever is greater.
  32. 𝑒𝑦,π‘šπ‘–π‘›=𝑙500+𝑏30 ,20Β π‘šπ‘šΒ whichever is greater.
  33. 𝑃𝑒=0.4Β π‘“π‘π‘˜Β π΄π‘+0.67 𝑓𝑦𝐴𝑠𝑐
  34. π‘‰β„Žπ‘‰π‘β‰₯0.36(π΄π‘”π΄π‘βˆ’1)π‘“π‘π‘˜π‘“π‘¦Β , 𝑑𝑐=π‘‘βˆ’2𝑐 andΒ π‘‘π‘š=π‘‘π‘βˆ’βˆ…
  35. πΆπ‘Ÿ=1.25βˆ’π‘™π‘’48𝑏

36.Β π‘“π‘π‘Ÿ,π‘šπ‘Žπ‘₯=0.45Β π‘“π‘π‘˜βˆšπ΄1𝐴2 , 1<√𝐴1𝐴2≀2 , 𝐴1=Largest frustum of a pyramid with side slopes 1 in 2, 𝐴2=loaded area of column base

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